Project: Ladderlimb

Release: Nov 2012


The ingenious device that leaves both your hands free on the ladder

The LadderLimbâ„¢ is a simple, easy-to-use device which fits effortlessly into any of the hollowed rungs at either the left or right hand side of a ladder and at any height.

The tapered, rubberised 'limb' of the LadderLimb fits snugly into the ladder, holding whatever is attached to it securely in place. And, when you wish to work at another height, the LadderLimbâ„¢ can be easily and effortlessly withdrawn and placed into another rung.

The versatile LadderLimbâ„¢ makes so many tasks so much easier, whether it's cleaning out gutters, washing the caravan, pointing or repainting the house, cleaning your windows or pruning trees and bushes.

LadderLimb's tapered rubberised 'limb' fits most modern ladders and some step ladders and is a worthwhile step towards making so many up-ladder tasks safer and easier to do.